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The Community College Consortium on Autism and Intellectual Disabilities (CCCAID) was formed in 2007 to facilitate advocacy and support for programs at Community Colleges to serve students with autism and intellectual disabilities. Issues for young people as they ?age out? of school systems include education, housing, life skills, vocational pathways, personal safety and medical care. The Consortium provides assistance to Community Colleges for program development and implementation and information on the availability of resources for sustainability of programs.

For a primer on the model autism programs, see a brief video of our testimony before Senator Harkin on YouTube.

Program Spotlight

Gloucester County College is dedicated to the intellectual and social growth of all young adults after high school. Through the Adult Center for Transition (ACT) located on the campus of Gloucester County College in Sewell, NJ, post-secondary educational opportunities are made available to students ages 18 -24 with disabilities. The mission of this program is to provide students with the skills needed to achieve a successful transition into adulthood.

The program emphasizes academic achievement, social interaction and career preparation. Whether credit or non-credit, these courses are offered in a variety of settings depending on an individual's goals. Enhanced reading, writing and math courses are offered along with social-skills training and peer mentorship within the ACT classroom. Students interact with the Gloucester County campus community by joining clubs, attending presentations and participating in various student activities throughout the year. Supportive employment is promoted through job sampling and coaching.